Solving problems is always so gratifying because you are finding a way to make more sense of the Universe.

Hello there! My name is Colin, I’m a creative problem solver with a passion for developing things!

There isn’t really one title that clearly explains what I do but basically I’m a self-taught developer who makes visual and interactive projects and specialises in using web technology. I identify most with the term “Full-Stack Developer” because I am just one person who is managing the whole creative process to take an idea from concept through to the final rendered output and dealing with all the languages and programs involved in that process. 

This website serves as my digital portfolio for showcasing my ability to use different technology to create games, websites, interactive and educational experiences, videos and more. I’ve even used my programming approach to develop and publish a couple of unique gaming experiences on Little Big Planet which you can play on PS3 and PS4.

I’m originally from England but I left the motherland in 2012 with a sense of adventure and came to Sweden to try a different way of life. Since then I committed to learning Swedish and this path ultimately ended up giving me the opportunity to enter the world of teaching. I’ve taught English to people of all ages, I also used my university degree to teach photography and I have even taught Swedish to fellow immigrants at the start of their journey. In 2016, I helped to co-found an English Language Cafe (Engelska Språkcafe) which allows people to learn English with help from native speakers in a social environment for free. 

I’m just trying to do all I can to make the world a better place, but isn’t that what we all should be doing with our lives?

I registered my first website in 2000 but my interest in computers and technology stretches back way beyond that with memories of the Amiga and BBC Micro systems. I’m a prolific writer, documenting every stage of the creative process, the problems encountered and the solutions found. In 2019, I took a break from teaching because I realised that I needed to step up and show the world what I can do! By following the weekly challenges on Codepen I was able to build up a strong portfolio of work which went on to amass more than 30,000 views during the course of the year. 

In 2020, I finally rebooted my website to include a curated selection my latest work and my current aim is to find a new role to where I can use a broader spectrum of my skill set.

Thanks for taking time to look at my site! 

I’ve got a lot more that I want to share on this site including insights on my creative process so if you want to keep in touch with me then please feel free to reach out on social media.
Instagram: @colindemaine
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Twitter: @colindemaine

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