Monster - Annabelle mp3 download

Monster - Annabelle Mp3 Download


Monster - Annabelle Lyric

Dont look at me like that
If i could i'd give this back
Its not something i asked for
So don't turn your back
But i used to be afraid
And now all i feel is brave
So maybe this is something
That i should say
So i'll stand while they judgement
In the end i'll set them free
I'll have the crowds lining up
And wishing they were me
But i'll look em in the eyes
Speak the truth and spare them lies
I'll tell them bout the life you living
Is so much better than mine

Cause in the end you can't forget
I'm still a monster
Go on and hear me roar
And even though i pass the test
I'm still a monster
Kind of person to even take much more

Oh what is pain anymore
Pain's all we know in this war
And even though its here to stay
I fought harder than before
Seen the people come and go
Lost in this we'll never know
So with this sacrifice
Our strength will only grow

I'm still a monster
Hear me roar
Even though i pass the test
I'm still a monster
I can't take much more

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