Boujee With Stinky Coochie (Remix) - Allan Williams mp3 download

Boujee With Stinky Coochie (Remix) - Allan Williams Mp3 Download


Boujee With Stinky Coochie (Remix) - Allan Williams Lyric

Rain drops
Drop top
Pull up in the game and no I don't stop
Killin every rapper when I play no co-op
Never lookin for a helping hand cuz they all flop
They know the flow
Stackin up bread it's like never before
Thinkin bout when I just used to be broke
Payin for girls I don't talk to no more
Wish I could go and get that money back now but it's all good
They been watchin what I'm doing now and they all shook
When somebody go and let you down make em all look
Back at what they coulda been now but they lost it
Leave me alone
On do not disturb I don't pick up the phone
I'll find me another its plenty of clones
These women the same they all bad to the bone
Yea they lookin so bad and boujee
Come thru and we'll make movie
Don't matter if your all your friends knew me
I'm tellin you this is the new me
Aye Come find out what u been missin
Accept it like terms and conditions
No iMessage got me suspicious
No phones in the room it's all business

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