Happy Birthday - Joyner Lucas mp3 download

Happy Birthday - Joyner Lucas Mp3 Download


Happy Birthday - Joyner Lucas Lyric

Don't you stare me down
You know I'm rude
Why the fuck you looking at me like you so confused?
You really make me sick my nigga if you only knew
I swear to God I wish you wasn't born and it wasn't no excuse
Cause I don't want to raise you
I really fucking hate you
I wish I ain't have to take you
I ain't trying to educate you
Yo, this really fucking sucks
And your mothers fucking nuts
I had my whole life figured out
Leave it to you to fuck it up
Man shut the fuck up!
What you crying for?
Looking at me like you love me
What you lying for?
Why you want to try me for?
Blow your fucking candles out
Enjoy that cake I got you, for your stupid little birthday that everyone's so exited for
Except me
Shit I dare you to disrespect me when you grow up
That's gonna be the last time you ever swell up
Fuck you thought
Everything was perfect
Now its fucking lost
And its all your fault
Happy Birthday Nigga

(Happy Birthday to you)
(Happy Birthday to you)
(Happy Birthday to you)

Sometimes I wanna kill myself so I don't have to deal wit' you
I know it sounds harsh but I'm just being real wit' you
And I ain't looking forward to none of that father shit
I ain't got time for that type of shit
And your mom ain't gonna like this
But we ain't
Shooting no hoops
Flying kites
We ain't riding bikes
I hope you get your ass beat
I ain't teaching you how to fight
I ain't here to kiss you goodnight
I don't care to give you advice about girls
I hope you get your heart broken for dear life
I fucking hate you!...
And I know that its wrong
Sometimes I wanna explain but I don't know where to start
Cause you won't understand even if I told you my thoughts
Cause even when its light
I feel like I'm alone and its dark
My mind keeps racing fast
I can't bear with this pain I have
I can't stand you
And I hate the fact that you just a mistake
And that's just what the fuck you was
Everything was perfect
Now its fucking lost
And its all your fault
Happy Birthday Nigga

Shit I wanted to be a father so bad, I would give it all
Just to have my baby sit in my arms while I'm holding on
And to feel that beautiful feeling of love for my first born
Even play you the first song, that you hear when you first come
I loved your fucking mother so much I would give my heart
To be down to death do us part
Till I drown in a fucking pond
Till I burn in a blazing building
Apartment fire with bombs
Till I crash a Mercedes car, by a drunk drive on broad
With seven heaters on me
And then she fucking cheated on me
Drinking with her friends
And they didn't wanna leave the party
Got drunk and had sex
I ain't even see it coming
And then we find out she was pregnant
And she keeping secrets from me
This don't make sense
And I felt my fucking heart cave in
The baby not mine
The paternity test came in
And the love is gone
Everything was perfect
Now its fucking lost
And its all your fault
Happy Birthday Motherfucker

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