“I realise that I can’t be a superhero but I always try to do my part to make the world a better place”.

Hello! My name is Colin, I’m a friendly guy with a passion for creating and developing!

Originally from England but currently living in a Swedish city called Skövde. I left the motherland with a sense of adventure, to try life in a different country. Since then I’ve been learning a new language and writing about my experiences on a daily basis.

My website showcases primarily my photographic work. You can expect to see vibrant and abstract imagery using a range of experimental techniques.

I also love coding and web development! I started my website in 2006 whilst at University studying photography. The website is currently in it’s 7th incarnation which uses WordPress as a basis. My programming interest knows no bounds and extends to different things like creating logic for levels in games like Little Big Planet.

In 2016 I gave up all other pursuits to focus completely on a chance to become a teacher. It was a very interesting and challenging experience that I managed to adapt to and develop from. I began teaching English and then I was given the opportunity to make use of my degree and teach photography. More recently I’ve been helping other immigrants at the beginning of their journey to learn Swedish as well as offering support in an English Language Cafe (Engelska Språkcafe) on Tuesday afternoons.

I am adapting to live a minimalist lifestyle where I can focus my time being productive, living more intentionally and helping those in need.

No matter what role I take on I always feel like I have more to give. My current aim for the future is to put my range of skills to better use and find a role to help me reach my full potential.

Thanks for looking!

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